Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sensors to be used in Line follower

Hi evryone out there , I hope evryone is fyn and njyoing robotics , last 4 months had been a very tough job for me participating in ROBOCON , though we were not successful , I learnt a lot from this compt.
The first thing I would like to share is

Which Sensors to be used to detect black line??

I tried different circuits which even removes ambient light effect ( I will be posting the ckt oif it ) and IR sensors .Though I liked IR sensors the most , I was amazed to see the results when I used LDR sensors and White light . I used white light as my transmitter and LDR with a black tape covered as my reciever. The results were very good but the opnly problem was this is more sensitive to ambient light than IR sensors , but the change in ouput voltages were arnd 2 volts where as ir sensors always gave a change in output voltage of .89 .

If u want you can use LDR sensors with out a potmeter and opamp which I showed you in my ir sensor ckt.Give a try with ldr reciver ckt by replacing the transmitter and reciver with white led and LDR sensor

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