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1)Firstly you would be needing a burner which will transfer a hex code from your system into the microcontroller.
So first go get this thing, I will wait for you, go get the burner and see how your robots dance with ease. The cost of the burner is not more than 500 rs including shipping charges. If you want to make your own burner then it would cost you less than 250 rs.

Places to buy micrcontroller( in india only):


If you want to make your own burner then check here:

Serial programmer click here
USB programmer click here
An another serial programmer click here

2) Now that you have a burner get a micrcontroller, buy an atmega8 it has all the features like ADC, timers, PWM , that would be enough at the start later you can change this after you know more abt micrcontrollers.

I have a burner where I bought it from extremeelectronics, and I started with ATMEGA8 top program it.

3)Now that you have all the hardware part ready , the next thing which will you be needing are a couple of softwares.

This is the place where you will be writing your code in C language and creating a hex code.(dnt wrry I will be teaching you how to write the code).
Download this software first click here to download it.

2) The next software which will you would be needing is AVR STUDIO software.
In this software you can write the code and create a hex code also, but we will be using it only for debugging. If you dint understand what you meant by debugging, then here is wat I mean. You write the code in Codevision avr, then to know how your code works you would be translating your code from codevision avr to avrstudio. In avr studio, you can c how your ports respond by looking at a simulator which shows how your microcontroller would react in reality with the code youy have written.

3)This is the last software you would be needing, which will transfer the hex code from the computer to your microntroller. This software comes with the burner, in any case your making your burner, then there will be a reference to download the corresponding software also. If your using avr usb-asp burner , just google it and you can get it easily.
When you connect the cable (either usb or serial cable ) to the computer, you need install the hardware software( as it will consider itself as a driver). This software also comes with the burner. Just install this driver software as would do to install any normal driver software for your computer. After you have installed the software, copy paste the avr usb-asp GUI window and paste it in atmel avr studio folder.

This completes all the necessary hardware and software part to burn the avr microntroller. My next post would be tomm plz check in to know how to write a code and the basics of coding.


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Hey Correct link to eXtreme Electronics is


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Well thanks for your tutorials!

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srry for tat n thank you for correction