Saturday, June 6, 2009

Microcontroller tutorials 1


I guess I was posting too many ckts and stuff like that , now I will be starting of with microcontroller tutorial. This would be a completed tutorial of about 4-6 posts , where I would be teaching you( infact telling you) how to program microcontrollers with ease and all the problems that you would be facing when you start with programming.

There are different kind of micrcontrollers like AVR, 8051, PIC, ARM n stuff like that. Each of these has its own speciality and each being manufactured by different companies. Now in my blog I will telling you only about AVR microcontrollers as its the most cheap and an easy microcontroller to get in your local place. The cost of burner of 8051 is a lot more than compared with PIC and AVR . AVR burners are cheap than compared to PIC. Most of the hobbyist use AVR as it satisfies thier need for the projects easily.

This is the end of my first microcontroller tutorial, check my nesxt post to know what all will be needing to program a microcontroller.

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