Tuesday, June 17, 2008


All color sensors work on the basic principle that when light of some color falls on an object , if the object is of same color as of the led , then the object absorbs that color which means there is no reflection.

We would be making the ckt in the same way as we did for the IR led detector ckt , but we wuld be using LDR for our detection purpose , (IR cant be used as they catch only IR waves) , and in place of the IR transmitter we wuld be using three leds of red, blue and green.

Light up each of the leds one at a time , ie red , then blue n green , if the obstacles are of red blue and green colour then you wuld be getting different outputs ( REMEMBER VIBGYOR) .

With micrcontrollers , lit up the red led if there is reflection take the ADC reading
do the same for other leds and take thier ADC reading , we will know which colour its detecting.
One sensor wuld be lit up always .

Use a potentiometer with each of the LEDs to get a better reading , as there wuld be slight color difference .The circuit will be the same as for the ir sensor which i have explained in my previous post , with litlle changes .Hope u njyd it

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