Friday, June 13, 2008



Robots Androids & Animatrons by John Iovine

download from here
Lovely book , gives u a good start for professional robotics.

What u can get from this book????

Movements and drive system.

DTMF controlled vehicle (tats using u r phone)

Making a walker

Speech Controlled bot

Under water bots


One necessary book , I double my money on this to read.


Robotics and Process Control Cookbook

download from

Not tat great to read on if u have other e books , but has gud examples of various things.


Build a Remote Controlled Robot

download from

Diff methods of making a remote controlled car , from Ir , Rf to various methods.


8051 microcontoller

download from here

One stop to start for micrcontrollers r download ayalas e book from my other post on e books.

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