Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maze Solver n Wall Follower .

A simple wall follower has to navigate easily following the wall , that is when evr there is a turn (perfect 90 degree as by the wall) the bot shuld also take a turn . Take a look at this picture .

First question which comes to your mind is how many sensors do one wuld need ?? . Wuld we need a micrcontroller .

Well we can make this by using only two sensors , and there is no need of a micrcontroller also.


We wuld be using 2 sensors one at the rite and the other at the center .

(Left sensor- high ----------and center sensor- high

move fwd)

(Left sensor-low ----------and center sensor-high

take left)

(Left sensor-high ----------and center sensor -low
take rite).

Use a K map with the above conditions and get the logic circuit .
Connect the sensors to the input of u r logic and H bridge at the output.
Use motors of 60rpm nt faster than tat .

If u want more help plz ask.

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yukti said...

hello ..i am a learner..
can you please elaborate n help me make one??