Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Autonoums Robotics part 1

Before starting of with this get well educated with some electronic components though much detail is not needed , u can do most of the work using data sheet of the electronic components.

1)voltage regulator
2)op amp and comparator
3)motor driver

resistors ,capacitors , transistors wuld also come along with this thing

When u make an autonoums robots the basic thing needed wuld be

1)Brain (microcontroller,logic gates)
3)Hands and Legs(Motors, Wheels)

so u r sensors take care of the surroundings, send the feed back to microcontrollers r logic gates
n then the output to the motors to do the desired things

so i will be covering up all this thing in parallel both electronic parts and the sensors , microcontrollers, then giving the motion to wheels in the order as told above.

Hope u all will like it .

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