Friday, April 18, 2008

E books on robotics

All these books have been take from the site allfree.freemaniz site .I have read most of the books and i will give my opinion on these so it will be useful to you.

First book which all beginners shuld read for robotics .
Tata mcgrah hills robot builder's bonanza.
download from here

Robotics project outlined by pic microcontroller infact a tutuorial on pic
download from here

Architecture on microcontroller by ayala .A complete text book of AYALAs muc.
download from here

Matlab programming for Image processing
Download from here

Robot mechanical building tips .Very gud book if u really want to make one robus mechanical bot with perfection.
download it from here

Autonomous mobile robotics .Amazing book if u want to make one great autonoums navigation bot.It tells evrything from makng a biped(a litle bit) , a very gud autonoums bot.
download from here

Making a pac -man robot very fun makng, it indeed wil give u a xperince in how some problem statements are solved.
download from here

And last but not the least my site , i will be updating it very frequently so tat when the next year starts I mean next sem , as robotic competetions wuld be startng u will find lot more help from here keep checking .Till then thnx from all u guys.

My next post will be on logic gates and K map(karnuagh map) , to make autonoums bots without microcontroller.

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karthik said...

Thanks for the post, the books are worth reading and can be used as reference material. But some links appears to be broken.