Monday, April 7, 2008


All the motors (dc) run at 12 v supply but the output u get from u r logic gate ,microcontrollers opamp is 5v which cannot make motor run.Motor driver is the most essential part of any autonoums bots , generally people use L293D for running dc motors , u can run 2 dc motors with this IC though it can take a maximum current of 600 mA per channel which is more than enough for us to drive the motors.

The ckt diagram of it goes like this

M1 M2 are the motors(dc motors) ,M1A ,M1B are the controls of motor M1 and M2A ,M2B are the controls of motor M2.M1A ,M1B,M2A,M2B are the inputs tat u get from logic gates r the muc , opamps, to the recieving end of reciever in wireless module
here is the tabe describing the function of the pins

if pin1 is high if pin 9 is high
H L cloclwise H L clockwise
L H anitclockwise L H anticlockwise
L L fast stop L L fast stop
make pin 1 low slowstop make pin 9 low slowstop

Pin 1 n Pin 9 make each of the channels high (there r two channels) n the pin 8 voltage can go upto 24v

U get this Ic for a cost of Rs 75 .

hope i have explained evrything in detail

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