Monday, April 7, 2008

Making a wireless remote

Get rid of those long wires tat tangle all the time , there are different ways of making a wireless module using ready made rc cars n putting relays near the out put u can drive u r 12v motors ,then theres IR remote control though not tat much reliable n then theres dtmf tats thr cell phone n gprs communication, n the most simplest of them using rf modules , in consideration with all the above ways rf module is the most easiest n most cheapes (RS 550) nothing more .

This shows the transmitter(TX) n reciever (RX) which u get in electronic shops. TX 01 ASK MODULE and RX 02 ASK MODULE are used here n shown above .

our basic idea goes like this

The two ics HT12E n HT12D r the encoder n decoders of 4 adress bit this is used as we need to drive two motors ,where each motor takes in 2 adress bit (1 for forward rotation other for reverse ) so in all we need four adress bits
if u want to control more number of motors u need to change encoder and decoders. At place of those switches u can either use push buttons r dpdt switches (ckt of dpdt switch is show here click here)

now near the recieving end u use a motor driver bcoz u get 5V as output but motors need 12v to drive them(i have explained this here in much detail ) The ckts are shown over for transmitter and recieving end

D1 D2 D3 D4 will go to the input of motor driver (check the motor driver ckt) n from motor driver to the motors .

This ckt has been tested by me n was giving a ver good range also.The best place to buy is aplusindia.com it sells it for very cheap and u dnt get much cheaper than at this place.
Hope i have made it very clear .


Sreeram said...

hey the link to the ckt of dpdt switch isnt workin..could you please help me make a remote controlled car?

amitkumar said...

my dear frend by the above module it is possible to send and recive 4bit data can u tell me how to send and recive 8 bit data

Steven said...

how to make the antenna...........please explain????????????????????

lasorbeam said...

Stephen. the antenna Is already present.. Its a chip antenna.. and rf modules come wit it by default :-)

Chirodip Das said...

can u please tell me, what are u use in the ckt R-1M?? is that resistance or crystal??